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Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads 300 meters

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Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads 300 meters

Good Quality Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads 300 meters Sales

Large Image :  Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads 300 meters

Blueone  Technology  Co.,Ltd

Verified Supplier

Shenzhen, China

Business type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler

Telephone : 86-755-8320-3803

3/F, Jiale Building, Zhenhua Road 47, Futian, Shenzhen, China

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Blueone
Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS
Model Number: BTW14

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: USD200-USD278
Packaging Details: Normal Packing
Delivery Time: 2-30 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union and Paypal
Supply Ability: 1,000 units per month
Detailed Product Description
Model: BTW14 Range: 300 Meters
Dimension: 21*16.5*4cm System: Embeded LINUX OS
Processor: ARM Certificates: CE/FCC/ROHS


Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads



Compatible with 99% of Smartphone, (Iphone, Blackberry, HTC, android phone...)

Compatible with 99% of laptop & Ipad with Wi-Fi

Push advertising contents to smartphone & laptop users

Approach more potential customers

Stand alone working, no need PC

Remote webserver management 

Easy operation & stand alone work

Unlimited Advertising contents



BTW14 can support Bluetooth Advertising and WiFi Advertising meantime. It covers almost all cellphones which have bluetooth or wifi feature.


WiFi Advertising Working Modes:


1. Push Advertisement
1) Upload advertising contents onto BTW14 
2) End users connect BTW14 via Wi-Fi
3) BTW28 pushes advetising contents on end users
4) End users need to read all advertising contents
5) End users connect internet freely
2. Redirect to advertising website
1) Configure advertising website redirected
2) End users connect BTW14 via Wi-Fi
3) BTW14 redirects browser to an advertising website
4) End users need to stay at the advertising website within redirect time
5) After Redirect time, end users can connect internet freely
3. Redirect to intranet advertising website
1) Upload a whole advertising website onto BTW14
2) End users connect BTW14 via Wi-Fi
3) BTW14 redirects brower to the intranet advertising website
4) End user visit advertising website

Bluetooth Advertising


Bluetooth Proximity Advertising is a brilliant new way to communicate with people by sending adverts, promotions or general information. We offer various products to suit any budget and any project no matter how large or small. Our Bluetooth marketing System constantly searches for Bluetooth enabled mobile devices in a specific area and will automatically send your customised message to these devices. So with Bluetooth advertising, you can save a lot of money and get the best results as well.


BTW14 can detect cellphones arround it within the range of 200meters, and will connect the cellphones if their bluetooth are enabled.  It will prompt like " Receiving a message from XXXX ?  If end users accept the prompt, BTW14 will send content; if end users reject the prompt, BTW14 will not send again.  Sending statistic report can be download from BTW14. BTW14 can support multi-campain, schedule campaign, sequence campaign, lottery campaign.


Main features:


Bluetooth Advertising Solution:


 Stand alone working, no need accessories
 Auto detect Cellphone and advertise
 Remote Management software
 14 simultaneous connections
 Support multi-campaigns    
 Support lottery campaigns  
 Support Schedule campaigns
 Statistic in .xls file
 Update via USB flash drive, LAN, internet, 3G remote
WiFi Advertising Solution:
 Stand alone working
 Effective advertising
 Interactive advertising
 Internet Access
 Webpage built-in
 Statistics Report
 Support Iphone, Ipad, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung and so on





 Arm processor, Fanless
 4Gb Memory
 64MB Sdram
 Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhance Data Rate)
 Bluetooth Class 1, up to 200meters
 14 bluetooth simultaneous connections
 Up to 150KB data rate
 AC/DC 12V/1A
 Dimension: 16.5*12.3*3.9cm
 Weight: 1.5KG (including packing)
 CE, FCC approval



Bluetooth and WiFi Advertising Management Software

Web-based and Windows-based Remote Management Software

Campaign Management:

Remote Campaign Configuration

Magic Reminder

Detailed Bluetooth Campaign Scheduling

Sequence/Schedule/Lottery/Random Campaign Work Mode

Campaign Sending Policy Control

Bluetooth Blacklisting

Business vCard Configuration

Statistics Management:

24/7 Bluetooth&WIFI Statistics, Excel Reports

Complete detailed success/rejected/detected statistics

Device Management:

Synchronized (Network) Mode

Device on-line/off-line check

recognizable 1300+ handsets database

Multi-level management ( Owner/ Users seperate accounts)

Web-based software Management Software:

Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads 300 meters



Bluetooth And WiFi Advertising Specification

  • Dimension:21*16.5*4cm (exclusive of antenna)
  • Weight: 500g
  • Range: 400 meters ( Diameter)
  • Power: 1A@12V
  • 64MB SDram 
  • ARM processor 
  • Storage: Built-in 1GB flash memory
  • Support USB/LAN/Ethernet/GPRS/3G/WiFi remote management.
  • 10M/100M adaptive network
  • 400M high performance processor
  • Embed LINUX OS
  • Support dynamic IP
  • Plug and Play technology 
  • StandAlone Work Function
  • Automatic Network Detection
  • Run with or without a network connection
  • Web-based management software and Windows based desktop software
  • Works with Windows 2000, Windows 07, Windows XP and MAC OS.
  • Control one or many Bluetooth and WIFi Devices 
  • Can be monitored remotely over internet via LAN or wireless(GPRS/3G/WiFi)


Applications of WiFi Advertising


1. Commercial centers, Shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, chain stores, etc.


Send coupons,discount offers, promotion, entry brand, recommended products,anniversary activities, 

product names, video ads, product graphic to translate potential customers' initial interest into repeat 



2. Restaurant, Hotels, KFC, McDonalds, etc.


Send your specialities, VIP e-membership card discounts, consumption & Sales , the draw etc.

Send room service, welcome your guests & promotions in hotels.


3. Trade fairs, exhibition centers, Expo centers, Real Estate industry, etc.


Send exposition products, Exhibition booth, rent & sale information, real estate features, promotions, 

coupons, etc.


4.  Entertainment venues: KTV, Bars, Nightclubs, Lounge, saloon, etc. 


Send special offers, drinks promotions, performing arts activities, technicians recommended for sauna, 

Queue jump, cloakroom, new events.


5. Cultural centers: Concerts venues, libraries, gymnasiums, museums, Cinemas & Theatre, Sports 

Stadiums, etc.


Send details about new films & shows, album cover, singer biography, movie trailer, or next events 

scheduler, next event, or information about team squad, clubs, future plans, current team table, next 

match announcement in the Stadium.


6. Bluetooth and WiFi Marketing system can also been used in tourist attractions, Parks, Aviation Airport,  Railway stations, Hospitals.


Broadcast the cultural and historic relics and the admission ticket in the tourist attractions.Inform the 

pessengers about the flight shedule in the airport.


How Proximity Bluetooth Marketing Works:


1. Blueone hostpot searches for handsets 
Blueone hotspot scans for Bluetooth-enabled devices located in a range up to 200 meters (660 feet)


2.  Blueone hotspot asks for permission 
For every detected device, Blueone sends request for permission of sending files. 
It looks like: Do you want to connect with [your-name-here]? 


3. Blueone sends campaign files 
Once user grant permission, Blueone sends files. Depending on the Hardware version, Blueone can connect with up to 28 mobile phones at the same time.


Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads 300 meters


How WiFi Advertising Works


Via WIFI Marketing, the mobile users will turn on their WIFI and connect to the BTW WIFI Hotspot, When they open their browser, they will see the advertising website directly


Proximity Bluetooth Marketing and WiFi Advertising Device for Ads 300 meters




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